This is a solution based on VAG Group's idea. Plug & Play. Just replace the standard relay with the new one and enjoy the upgraded functionality of your Defender. Activate the wipers with one impulse by pulling the lever down. After the desired time has passed, set the lever to position I. The mechanism will remember the time between the first and second impulse and will cause the wipers to operate with that frequency until the ignition is turned off or until a new time is set.



A great solution for driving in the rain:

  • Safer travel with a clean windshield
  • No need to constantly turn wipers on and off when the rain is too light for continuous mode but too heavy for the interval mode.

The set consists of two outlet ends (right and left), which are made in 3D printing technology from temperature-resistant ABS (retains properties in the temperature range from -40 to +80 degrees C). Installation of both tips takes 10 SECONDS !!! It does not require any drilling, screwing or gluing. Just Click and that's it :-)


In winter, your feet get cold and your knee is overheated?

In summer, your feet are sweaty and the knee freezes?


The problem seems trivial, but overheating or cooling down for many hours can lead to injuries or diseases.


The airflow deflectors are specially designed for the PUMA Td4 and significantly improve air distribution and travel comfort.

Installation only takes a few minutes. The filter limits the airflow by a negligible amount (5-7% for various blower settings). A special deflector protects the filter from streams of water from the fender and the wheels.


Using an activated carbon filter allows for filtering out gasses, odors, mold spores, benzenes and airborne organic particles. That is particularly important for people with allergies.


While driving through deep water, the filter protects the ventilation system from being flooded (the mud and dirt stays on the filter while water will flow out thanks to a clean, working valve). After the filter gets soaked it should be replaced.

LR Defender cab filter LR Defender cabin filter LR Defender pollen filter Defender Td5 cabin filter Defender Td5 cab filter Defender Td5 pollen filter Defender Puma cabin filter Defender Puma cab filter Defender Puma pollen filter

Names of matching filter types of different brands:


FILTRON K 1279-2x

CORTECO 21652990





Products of different brands may vary slightly in size (e.g. MANN FILTER, BOSCH) and may require sticking a stripe of sponge to the filter in order to achieve a good fit to the case.


The solution to all the problems described above is installing the cabin filter. The installation kit consists of the filter case, 3D printed from ABS plastic resistant to weather conditions, a solid particle filter or one with activated carbon (filters of many well known manufacturers are easily available in stores) and an air intake cover known as the Snow Cowl (Britpart, Mud or from a different brand)

All of that along with the gasket is screwed onto the original air intake grid with stainless steel screws (gasket and screws included in the kit).

In cars with air-conditioning there's a similar problem with the difference that the evaporator is positioned before the heating radiator and its fins are more delicate and more densely packed. Dirt is collected on the fins and blocks the flow of air.

Ineffective heating and cooling...


Heating stops working on the passenger's side while your knee is burning hot?


The lack of a built-in filter allows all contaminants sucked through the air intake to flow through the heating radiator. the air flows in from the passenger's side so that's where the most impurities are collected. past the radiator is a deflector splitting the air current to the left and to the right. Because the flow of air is limited, the air doesn't get heated up and the passenger's side stays cold.

Humidity in the car...


Let's begin by talking about how this should work. Air is sucked in through the air intake grid along with dust, seeds, leaves and other junk. The air intake being localized on top of the fender means that during rainy or snowy weather water gets into the duct from which it should be able to flow out through the one-way rubber valve. However, this part of the car is very rarely serviced so it's usually blocked with mud formed from the dust and water that enters the AC system.


If the valve is blocked, water gets on the fan (which causes it to corrode) and is blown through the radiators and into the cabin.

That is the cause of steamy windows and unpleasant odor coming from the AC. Humidity and high temperature causes the development of fungi and mold that are later breathed in by you and the passengers.

LR Defender cab filter LR Defender cabin filter LR Defender pollen filter Defender Td5 cabin filter Defender Td5 cab filter Defender Td5 pollen filter Defender Puma cabin filter Defender Puma cab filter Defender Puma pollen filter


The first proper cabin filter in Defender history.

Put an end to problems with:

  • foggy windows
  • unpleasant odor from the air-conditioning
  • allergens, fungi and smog
  • poor air conditioning performance
  • dust coming out of the air vents




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