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This is a solution based on VAG Group's idea. Plug & Play. Just replace the standard relay with the new one and enjoy the upgraded functionality of your Defender.



A great solution for driving in the rain:

  • Safer travel with a clean windshield

  • No need to constantly turn wipers on and off when the rain is too light for continuous mode but too heavy for the interval mode.


In winter, your feet get cold and your knee is overheated?

In summer, your feet are sweaty and the knee freezes?


The problem seems trivial, but overheating or cooling down for many hours can lead to injuries or diseases.


The airflow deflectors are specially designed for the PUMA Td4 and significantly improve air distribution and travel comfort.

LR Defender cab filter LR Defender cabin filter LR Defender pollen filter Defender Td5 cabin filter Defender Td5 cab filter Defender Td5 pollen filter Defender Puma cabin filter Defender Puma cab filter Defender Puma pollen filter
Corteco Defender cab filter
Knecht Defender cab filter
Blue print Defender cab filter
Denckermann Defender cab filter
Filtron Defender cab filter

The mounting kit consists of the filter, filter casing, the "SNOW COWL" air intake cover, a gasket and screws. If you already own a SNOW COWL from Britpart or MUD, the filter casing will fit perfectly. This solution is designed for dry and hot as well as humid and cold climates. It splendidly protects passengers and the air conditioning system from dust, mud, snow and rain whether you use your Defender for getting around the city, long journeys or for off-road mud-bathing.
We recommend using the filters of manufacturers such as:


The first proper cabin filter in Defender history.

Put an end to problems with:

  • foggy windows
  • unpleasant odor from the air conditioning
  • allergens, fungi and smog
  • poor air conditioning performance
  • dust coming out of the air vents


If you got here you must be a fan of the Land Rover brand and you own a Defender. Therefore, you know its strong features... and the minor flaws :-). We travel with a Defender Puma 2.4 TDCI and so the upgrades we invented and tested over many journeys are dedicated to that model. Some of them are also compatible with the Td5 model

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